Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crap - I lost a week

Where did last week go? Did I do anything fun? Who knows -- it just whooshed by. I can tell you that I DID NOT clean my house. I am barely domesticated -- basically I am potty trained, can dress myself and know how to push the button on the coffee maker and microwave -- what else could you possibly want??? Oh, yeah, I also do laundry but only when I am out of underwear -- that's the rule.

So I've been working and studying and working and studying --- see, nothing exciting.

Oh, wait, there was excitement -- yesterday morning the streets, sidewalks and Stairway of Death were all covered in ice!!! Surely there is a place on the Olympic Ice Dancing team for me after yesterday morning's performance. Honestly, who knew that short, fat, old ladies were capable of doing the splits -- okay, getting up was not pretty or graceful and yeah, my pride and inner thighs were both "hurt," but there was no time for wallowing in self-pity because I still had to climb Mt. Everest aka the steps that will be the death of me yet. The thrill of climbing a bazillion steps was increased ten-fold by the fact that each and every one of those metal death steps was covered in ICE. I am pretty certain that anyone watching my progress would have been convinced that I was having some sort of seizure -- each step highlighted with a string of profanities and my feet and arms flailing. The fact that I was gasping for air and wheezing (I'm telling you, they add more steps every night -- okay, they don't, but it really feels like they do) just added to the scene. I think I can bring a new "take" on ice dancing. LOL!

The pugs aren't all that fond of ice, although they look much cuter sliding around on it than I do. They are all getting cabin fever, but none of them wants to go for a long walk until the sidewalks are free of the dreaded ice/snow/mud/water stuff. Going to be a long end of winter at this rate.

Well, I need to go eat some ice cream. Gotta keep my strength up for my daily battle with the Stairs of Death.

Happy Wednesday.

By the way, Bandit is recovering at home, having done very well with his recent surgery. If you get a chance, go check out his new sweater made by Emmitt's Mom, Melissa. Give them both some love cuz Pug folks ROCK!


  1. Omgoodness K, does anyone salt? Are you talking at work? It is humorous to watch the puggies on ice, even coming in the door with wet paws they slip slide with the speed. Hopefully though it won't cause them hip problems they can be prone too then I will feel so bad for giggling.

    LOL......I am just enough of a Domestic Goddess to get by myself.

    Greener Days ahead..yeah!

  2. hi k!
    oh ice is no fun at all!
    monday is march 1st so spring is on the way!
    hug the puggies for me and thank you so much for the sweet shout out.


  3. Penny and I have never experienced icy stairs
    before. That's probably a good thing, because I
    am so uncoordinated sometimes, I would take
    a tumble! I hope the ice clears for you
    soon! Penny and I hope you are having a
    great week!

    -Dana & Penny