Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Friday Friday -- Oh Yeah Friday

Friday at last! Oh Friday I thought you would never get here. Why am I so excited? Do I have special plans for the weekend -- not so much. But it is a weekend. That means coffee and knitting and pug cuddling and ignoring the sorry state of the house (I am really good at this one) and more pug cuddling and long hours spent in my pjs and walking the pugs in my pjs (aren't you glad you don't live by me?) and well, yeah, homework, but mostly hanging out with the pugs and just vegging out. Yeppers, it is the weekend!!!!!

I would do a happy dance, but it is not yet 7:00 a.m., I am still trying to get some coffee in me while I dash around getting ready for work. But, you say, you are writing your blog -- true -- I specialize in finding ways to delay the inevitable work day.

But, alas, dear friends, I must put on the dreaded suit of work and trudge out into the bitter cold to earn the green papers for the all important dog food. I'll be back later. Until then, do a happy dance cuz its Friday for me.

Ta ta!


  1. I just found your blog via Owned by Pugs, and I am also a lover of all things pugs and knitting! (Don't know much about spinning, tho.) We've got snow here, too, and I plan a weekend of cuddling and knitting. Sweet!

  2. Hey, nice to meet another knitting pug lover. Sure hope you have enjoyed your weekend of cuddling pugs and knitting -- those are the best ways to spend a weekend.