Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OK We made yellow snow, now let's go IN

Yes, it is snowing again and the pups are not amused.
Oh look, Poppy's paws are touching the ground! That won't last long!
And Bodhi Boing Boing Butt is trying to work out how to get to the fence through the deep snow. He finally surrendered, went to the gate and called me a nasty name.

Another snow storm is blowing across us and the pugs are worried that their crazy mom is going to force them out to make yellow snow, no matter how deep the snow is. They have a right to be worried -- Only I have indoor facilities.

Other than more snow, slick streets, a furnace sensor that is on the fritz, a bathroom sink that is draining sloooooooooooooooooowly and several calls from the nursing home that my mother has fallen, but she is okay and oh, yeah, they need to do some tests because she has had a sudden change in temperament -- yeah, other than that it has been a normal day. At least it is not Monday -- now that would suck!

Well, enough whining, time feed the pups their supper, do some homework and dishes and get them ready for yet another visit to the winter wonderland that is their potty ground. Good times, nothing but good times.

Happy Tuesday.

P.S. I just opened my mail and in it was a reminder from my doc that I am over due for a colon test and hey, they conveniently included everything for me to send them a sample. You know, that really is a perfect cap for the day -- poop tests. Geez, not only has the day been rather sucky, but now I get the reminder that oh yeah, old lady, poop on the stick time! Heh -- think I'll send them some of the pug poop. See what they do with that!!!!!

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