Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Happened to Saturday?

Whoa, I woke up and it is Sunday -- what happened to Saturday? I have snippets of it, but how could those snippets be a whole day? And, really, why don't work days go that fast? Just askin. . .

Today is Bodhi's Gotcha Day. One year ago today he boinged into my home and heart. What a treasure and gift. He is also a handful, but then that is part of his charm. Amazing isn't it -- if a human behaved this way, I'd run the other way, but if it is a pug, I'm all "oooooooooo lookie how cute."

I have successfully avoided doing my homework and it is now the deadline so this will be short because I have a metric buttload of homework to do before midnight. I have only myself to blame -- I don't mind. Rest assured, I didn't do housework while avoiding homework. Oh no, that would so not be my style. I napped and knitted and tried to watch the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics -- some nice knitwear sported by the American Team during the opening ceremony and how sad that Norway was not sporting knitwear. Sigh!

I enjoy the Olympics but I loathe the NBC hosts -- talking heads -- whatever. Half the time they sound like they are drunk or stoned. So I turn off the sound -- plop on some happy tunes -- and watch it to good music and no mumbling, bumbling heads. (Personally, I think they all have had one too many Botox injections -- men using Botox is just so wrong. They look even more stupid than --- well, as stupid as the women who have pumped themselves into paralyzed surprised expressions (think Bruce Jenner/Joan Rivers -- but don't think about them too long because that will cause nightmares the like of which you don't ever want to encounter -- trust me on this.)

Well, that is enough babbling for a Sunday morning. I need more coffee and then off to find where my books are hiding so I can conquer the work before the deadline. Have a very Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Pug snorts and kisses to you all.

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  1. hi k!
    oh happy gotcha day to bodhi!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    ♥ Melissa & Emmitt