Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Crap - I lost a week

Where did last week go? Did I do anything fun? Who knows -- it just whooshed by. I can tell you that I DID NOT clean my house. I am barely domesticated -- basically I am potty trained, can dress myself and know how to push the button on the coffee maker and microwave -- what else could you possibly want??? Oh, yeah, I also do laundry but only when I am out of underwear -- that's the rule.

So I've been working and studying and working and studying --- see, nothing exciting.

Oh, wait, there was excitement -- yesterday morning the streets, sidewalks and Stairway of Death were all covered in ice!!! Surely there is a place on the Olympic Ice Dancing team for me after yesterday morning's performance. Honestly, who knew that short, fat, old ladies were capable of doing the splits -- okay, getting up was not pretty or graceful and yeah, my pride and inner thighs were both "hurt," but there was no time for wallowing in self-pity because I still had to climb Mt. Everest aka the steps that will be the death of me yet. The thrill of climbing a bazillion steps was increased ten-fold by the fact that each and every one of those metal death steps was covered in ICE. I am pretty certain that anyone watching my progress would have been convinced that I was having some sort of seizure -- each step highlighted with a string of profanities and my feet and arms flailing. The fact that I was gasping for air and wheezing (I'm telling you, they add more steps every night -- okay, they don't, but it really feels like they do) just added to the scene. I think I can bring a new "take" on ice dancing. LOL!

The pugs aren't all that fond of ice, although they look much cuter sliding around on it than I do. They are all getting cabin fever, but none of them wants to go for a long walk until the sidewalks are free of the dreaded ice/snow/mud/water stuff. Going to be a long end of winter at this rate.

Well, I need to go eat some ice cream. Gotta keep my strength up for my daily battle with the Stairs of Death.

Happy Wednesday.

By the way, Bandit is recovering at home, having done very well with his recent surgery. If you get a chance, go check out his new sweater made by Emmitt's Mom, Melissa. Give them both some love cuz Pug folks ROCK!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


First things -- I got my hair cut!!! Yep. All chopped off -- super short and I am super dooper happy about it. It has been too long with too much hair. I completely forgot the pleasure that is the pixie cut. Of course that meant I had to find my itty bitty tiny silver hoop earrings and now my glasses look yucky. Sigh! Reinventing yourself gets costly.

Weather-wise -- still snowing. The pugs are not pleased. Adding to the angst, Ho-Tei's knee cap slipped out of place and so he had some hobbling and whining and now has drugs to make it all better. Poor sweet baby! Bodhi is about to spontaneously combust -- he has cabin fever in the worst way. He has been zooming up and down the driveway, but it is not enough to burn off the rocket fuel he apparently has pumping through his veins. I've been tempted to take him to the stairway to hell aka the transit entrance to zoom up and down those bazillion steps I hike every day. My luck -- he wouldn't even be a bit winded. The energy of youth is so wasted on the young!

Knitting -- working on a pair of crazy monkey socks, a top down raglan, a cabled scarf and Imogen jacket. Yeah -- none of them are getting done. Talk about attention deficit disorder in knitting. Sigh!

Tomorrow is Bandit's surgery -- so everybody send warm, healing, loving thoughts to him and his momma, Paula. We hope he comes through with flying colors. He is quite the handsome pug and we are all hoping he get better soon. Stop by and give him and his momma some pug love.

Pug Hugs to you all.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Happened to Saturday?

Whoa, I woke up and it is Sunday -- what happened to Saturday? I have snippets of it, but how could those snippets be a whole day? And, really, why don't work days go that fast? Just askin. . .

Today is Bodhi's Gotcha Day. One year ago today he boinged into my home and heart. What a treasure and gift. He is also a handful, but then that is part of his charm. Amazing isn't it -- if a human behaved this way, I'd run the other way, but if it is a pug, I'm all "oooooooooo lookie how cute."

I have successfully avoided doing my homework and it is now the deadline so this will be short because I have a metric buttload of homework to do before midnight. I have only myself to blame -- I don't mind. Rest assured, I didn't do housework while avoiding homework. Oh no, that would so not be my style. I napped and knitted and tried to watch the Olympics.

Speaking of the Olympics -- some nice knitwear sported by the American Team during the opening ceremony and how sad that Norway was not sporting knitwear. Sigh!

I enjoy the Olympics but I loathe the NBC hosts -- talking heads -- whatever. Half the time they sound like they are drunk or stoned. So I turn off the sound -- plop on some happy tunes -- and watch it to good music and no mumbling, bumbling heads. (Personally, I think they all have had one too many Botox injections -- men using Botox is just so wrong. They look even more stupid than --- well, as stupid as the women who have pumped themselves into paralyzed surprised expressions (think Bruce Jenner/Joan Rivers -- but don't think about them too long because that will cause nightmares the like of which you don't ever want to encounter -- trust me on this.)

Well, that is enough babbling for a Sunday morning. I need more coffee and then off to find where my books are hiding so I can conquer the work before the deadline. Have a very Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Pug snorts and kisses to you all.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Friday Friday -- Oh Yeah Friday

Friday at last! Oh Friday I thought you would never get here. Why am I so excited? Do I have special plans for the weekend -- not so much. But it is a weekend. That means coffee and knitting and pug cuddling and ignoring the sorry state of the house (I am really good at this one) and more pug cuddling and long hours spent in my pjs and walking the pugs in my pjs (aren't you glad you don't live by me?) and well, yeah, homework, but mostly hanging out with the pugs and just vegging out. Yeppers, it is the weekend!!!!!

I would do a happy dance, but it is not yet 7:00 a.m., I am still trying to get some coffee in me while I dash around getting ready for work. But, you say, you are writing your blog -- true -- I specialize in finding ways to delay the inevitable work day.

But, alas, dear friends, I must put on the dreaded suit of work and trudge out into the bitter cold to earn the green papers for the all important dog food. I'll be back later. Until then, do a happy dance cuz its Friday for me.

Ta ta!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bodhi is Da Doooooooooood

Another day complete -- whew!

Tonight, while the dogs were out in the back creating yellow snow masterpieces, Bodhi could stand it no longer. He had HAD to get to the fence and he didn't care that the snow was over his head. He would not be denied. First he ran up and down the very short driveway, working up his nerve and then he flung himself over the snow drift into the backyard. A couple of circles around the swing and then the tree and then zooooooooooooom right out to the driveway. The entire time all you could see was a couple of bouncing black ears and lots of snow moving. It was sweet. Once he reached the safety of the driveway, he proceeded to strut up and down proclaiming himself master of the backyard.

I was quite impressed, but the rest of the posse looked at him like he was completely out of his mind. They then realized that they were outside, in the snow, and cold, and commanded me to let them in the house and get their dinner NOW.

So, I did. As for me, I'm enjoying a pint of Moose Tracks ice cream for dinner. Got to keep up my strength for the thunder thigh hike to the rapid tomorrow. Nite nite all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow and Inappropriate Peeing

In full disclosure, winter does not bother me. I always run warm, I am a knitter who loves to knit in wool and winter lends itself beautifully to both of these. The snow we were predicted to get last night came this morning and through the day. Being the adventurous (and cheap) soul, I take public transportation and to get there is about a half mile hike. I should also disclose that I am 52 and Fluffy. Combine that with deep snow drifts, covering ice patches and well, let's just say, I was a vision on my way to work this morning.

After battling the elements, I then have to climb Mt. Everest aka the temporary mountain of steps to the rapid platform because the station is under construction. Oh yes, they are metal steps -- nice icy metal steps. I get my old self up and across and down those steps by repeating the mantra "thighs butt thighs butt" in the delusion that when I finally reach the platform I will miraculously have become a size 1 -- hey, it gets me up the steps and that's what counts. Fortunately, the agony of my muscles and my lungs prevents me from being disappointed that I am still fat and out of shape when I reach the platform.

Of course, I must repeat this to get home and remember -- it snowed all day. Yeah, another vision of loveliness, slogging through drifts, muttering and swearing. Hey, I have four dogs, my neighbors already know I'm nuts, so I feel no need to put up a facade of normality. They have dealt with it all these years and why change now? Oh wait, I forgot to add that there was also big blustery winds whipping the snow about and blasting me in the face -- hence the muttering and swearing reaching an abnormally high pitch. Thighs butt, thigh, butt, -- keep repeating, keep walking, swear a lot, repeat.

Finally I'm home where it is a toasty 56 degrees (yes, the furnace and I are still fighting and no, I have not called a repair person because that would just be too damn logical and take all the adventure out of the experience.) Joyously awaiting my arrival are the pups. Dancing, squealing, jumping -- it is always a glorious welcome and one that makes me walk a little faster to get here.

But, after the joy comes the potty time IN THE SNOW that has been falling ALL DAY and OH MY GOD MOM IT IS OVER OUR HEADS and how could you expect us to make yellow snow when we are FREEZING AND GETTING SNOW COVERED AND YOU SUCK AS A MOM!!! Myoki led the prison break by banging against the gate and squealing at the top of his lungs. The rest of the gang thought this was a most excellent idea and joined him. My favorite part -- Myoki was soooooooo upset he pooped while squealing. He then turned around and looked completely surprised like "wow, where did that come from?"

They all burst through the gate and ran to the door -- banging on the door to be let in RIGHT NOW OR WE WILL DIE!!!! They would have been pissed, except it was dinner time and I am the only one with opposable thumbs. Yeah, makes me very popular twice a day. Just to be certain, Myoki was still angry and so once he had finished his dinner, he looked me in the eye, cocked his leg and peed in his food bowl. My disbelief paralyzed me long enough for Bodhi to think this was a fabulous idea and peed in Myoki's bowl too.

I've washed the food bowls, taken a couple of Advil to kill the throbbing in my knee, thighs, hip and back and now, I'm going to have some wine for dinner because I deserve it.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OK We made yellow snow, now let's go IN

Yes, it is snowing again and the pups are not amused.
Oh look, Poppy's paws are touching the ground! That won't last long!
And Bodhi Boing Boing Butt is trying to work out how to get to the fence through the deep snow. He finally surrendered, went to the gate and called me a nasty name.

Another snow storm is blowing across us and the pugs are worried that their crazy mom is going to force them out to make yellow snow, no matter how deep the snow is. They have a right to be worried -- Only I have indoor facilities.

Other than more snow, slick streets, a furnace sensor that is on the fritz, a bathroom sink that is draining sloooooooooooooooooowly and several calls from the nursing home that my mother has fallen, but she is okay and oh, yeah, they need to do some tests because she has had a sudden change in temperament -- yeah, other than that it has been a normal day. At least it is not Monday -- now that would suck!

Well, enough whining, time feed the pups their supper, do some homework and dishes and get them ready for yet another visit to the winter wonderland that is their potty ground. Good times, nothing but good times.

Happy Tuesday.

P.S. I just opened my mail and in it was a reminder from my doc that I am over due for a colon test and hey, they conveniently included everything for me to send them a sample. You know, that really is a perfect cap for the day -- poop tests. Geez, not only has the day been rather sucky, but now I get the reminder that oh yeah, old lady, poop on the stick time! Heh -- think I'll send them some of the pug poop. See what they do with that!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Saturday and Highly Irritated Pugs

Whoa! The pug wake up alarm was relentless at 6:15 a.m., despite the fact that it is Saturday. But, they got pay back big time when I opened the door to begin our morning jaunt. The wind grabbed the outer door and flung it wide open, simultaneously blasting all of us in the face with snow. A quick scan of the step revealed it was buried somewhere under a giant drift. For those of you who do not share home and hearth with pugs, I will explain that cold, windy, wet, huge piles of snow you have to walk through are not pugs' favorite things.

I imagine my neighbor wishes he had a camera to videotape the joke that was my attempt to get the dogs out the door this morning. While I stood outside the door in a giant snow drift -- wayyyyyyy higher than my boots -- the dogs all stood inside the door pulling away from the dreaded snow. Pulling, treats, conjoling, ordering, picking up and bringing outside all failed. Finally, I got smart and got behind them in the hallway closing the door behind as I shuffled forward forcing the entire group into the SNOW. Did you know that pugs can have a rather "colorful" vocabulary when you force them to do something they don't want to do. Oh yes, at 6:15 a.m. I was cussed out by 3 pugs. I'm sure they said awful things to and about me. No doubt at all. And if looks could kill -- well I'm deader than dead.

Once outside they all immediately peed, pooped and fought their way to the door, screaming at me the entire time. Never have I seen such a rapid taking care of business. Back inside they shook off the snow, demanded breakfast, made sure I recognized that they were insanely irritated with me and therefore blatantly ignoring me, and are currently snoring in front of the heater. My job as pug waitperson is completed for a few hours, but I must admit that I am dreading our next bathroom break. Good thing I'm head over heels in love with these little stinkers.

Oh, and Poppy, well Poppy is a total princess and must be carried outside to do her business. Since the snow was over her head, she hates me too. But she also took care of business rapidly and then back into the momma's arms. I think the pugs are mad at her too since she gets carried and always takes the most comfy, warmest spot in the knitting room to snooze. She is there now, daintily snoozing away in her sweet green fleece dress and blissfully ignoring the pissed off pugs. I should take notes and learn from her.

Well, I need another cuppa joe and to get to the books. Just had to share the antics of the pug posse and the snow of February 2010. Stay warm, love your fur babies and do something you love.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Well, it has been way too long and so many things have happened. First, Emperor Woo has left us to be an angel.He is over the rainbow bridge with his original humom and I hope they are happily reunited. I was blessed to have him these last two years and he has left a huge hole in my heart that has yet to fill.

Bodhi Boing Boing Butt has become a very active and loved part of the pack. We will be celebrating his Gotcha day on February 14th. Hard to believe he has only been with me a year -- it feels like he has always been a part of my life. He is silly and loving and just a bundle of fun. Thank you, Maureen, for choosing me to be his furever home. He has brought so much love and joy into the house. Hotei and Myoki love playing chase with him in the yard. AS you can see from the photo, he has also become the favorite pillow for Kali, my 16 year old cat. She waits till he falls asleep and then curls up on his back. It is too precious.

I've been working on my knitting. There are lots of projects on the needles, but so far no finished projects. Oops, there is one finished project . A shawlette in the yummy Soki yarn by Prism in a beautiful periwinkle. I can't decide whether to keep it or give it as a gift. Only time will tell.

Well, off to cuddle some pugs (and the honorary pug) and do some knitting. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Kiss your fur babies and hold them close. They are never with us long enough and we should not take one minute for granted.