Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Saturday and Highly Irritated Pugs

Whoa! The pug wake up alarm was relentless at 6:15 a.m., despite the fact that it is Saturday. But, they got pay back big time when I opened the door to begin our morning jaunt. The wind grabbed the outer door and flung it wide open, simultaneously blasting all of us in the face with snow. A quick scan of the step revealed it was buried somewhere under a giant drift. For those of you who do not share home and hearth with pugs, I will explain that cold, windy, wet, huge piles of snow you have to walk through are not pugs' favorite things.

I imagine my neighbor wishes he had a camera to videotape the joke that was my attempt to get the dogs out the door this morning. While I stood outside the door in a giant snow drift -- wayyyyyyy higher than my boots -- the dogs all stood inside the door pulling away from the dreaded snow. Pulling, treats, conjoling, ordering, picking up and bringing outside all failed. Finally, I got smart and got behind them in the hallway closing the door behind as I shuffled forward forcing the entire group into the SNOW. Did you know that pugs can have a rather "colorful" vocabulary when you force them to do something they don't want to do. Oh yes, at 6:15 a.m. I was cussed out by 3 pugs. I'm sure they said awful things to and about me. No doubt at all. And if looks could kill -- well I'm deader than dead.

Once outside they all immediately peed, pooped and fought their way to the door, screaming at me the entire time. Never have I seen such a rapid taking care of business. Back inside they shook off the snow, demanded breakfast, made sure I recognized that they were insanely irritated with me and therefore blatantly ignoring me, and are currently snoring in front of the heater. My job as pug waitperson is completed for a few hours, but I must admit that I am dreading our next bathroom break. Good thing I'm head over heels in love with these little stinkers.

Oh, and Poppy, well Poppy is a total princess and must be carried outside to do her business. Since the snow was over her head, she hates me too. But she also took care of business rapidly and then back into the momma's arms. I think the pugs are mad at her too since she gets carried and always takes the most comfy, warmest spot in the knitting room to snooze. She is there now, daintily snoozing away in her sweet green fleece dress and blissfully ignoring the pissed off pugs. I should take notes and learn from her.

Well, I need another cuppa joe and to get to the books. Just had to share the antics of the pug posse and the snow of February 2010. Stay warm, love your fur babies and do something you love.

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  1. LOL K!
    what a wonderful winter story!
    i could see every expression you described as emmitt's little face has contorted each one too!
    stay warm and dry today!
    m & e