Saturday, September 19, 2009

Puppy Breath

Since Mommy is such a lousy blogger, we have decided to take over the blog! Meet our 2 newest buddies -- Calvin and Hobbes. . . .

They are still with their mom right now, but in a couple of weeks they will be going to live with mommy's friend. We are all very excited cuz we are pretty sure we are going to get to go visit and play, play, play. We love to play, well, all of us 'cept Woody cuz he's 13 and grumpy.

The mom lady has not been very generous with the treats lately and we are all getting grumpy like Woody. Hopefully she'll get off her butt this weekend and make us some delicious salmon fudge treats. It is the least she could do since we have spent an exhausting week sleeping, shedding and snoring. Oh and we also spent lots of time snuggling with the mom lady to keep her from her knitting. See, we totally deserve lots and lots of treats.

Well puggy and honorary puggy friends, have a great weekend and we hope your mom ladies give you lots and lots of treats. Happy Saturday.

Ho-Tei, Myoki, Woody, Bodhi and Poppy (the honorary pug)