Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bodhi is Da Doooooooooood

Another day complete -- whew!

Tonight, while the dogs were out in the back creating yellow snow masterpieces, Bodhi could stand it no longer. He had HAD to get to the fence and he didn't care that the snow was over his head. He would not be denied. First he ran up and down the very short driveway, working up his nerve and then he flung himself over the snow drift into the backyard. A couple of circles around the swing and then the tree and then zooooooooooooom right out to the driveway. The entire time all you could see was a couple of bouncing black ears and lots of snow moving. It was sweet. Once he reached the safety of the driveway, he proceeded to strut up and down proclaiming himself master of the backyard.

I was quite impressed, but the rest of the posse looked at him like he was completely out of his mind. They then realized that they were outside, in the snow, and cold, and commanded me to let them in the house and get their dinner NOW.

So, I did. As for me, I'm enjoying a pint of Moose Tracks ice cream for dinner. Got to keep up my strength for the thunder thigh hike to the rapid tomorrow. Nite nite all.

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