Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mud Season

The pugs are enjoying the higher temps and the chance to play in the yard and mud. Why is it that dogs that don't like water think that mud is just more fun than pugs should be allowed to have? They run and kick and tumble and wrestle and get filthy and are the happiest creatures on the planet. I'm a sucker for a pug smile so naturally I encourage them to have big pug fun.

So the evenings are filled with frolicking and pug cleaning. Yeah, they hate the cleaning part.

I've pretty much decided that planting anything in the yard would be futile. Bodhi is such a wild child and his zoomies leave plant destruction in his wake. Besides, the yard isn't that big and I'd rather have a play area for the pugs than a garden. Why yes my dogs do have my wrapped around their little puggy paws. Speaking of which -- sniff, sniff, misssssssst. Have you noticed? They sniff two times and then snort or as I call it mist. Cracks me up. Best facial in the world.

Happy Wednesday all!

1 comment:

  1. LOL...if there is a mud spot, my trio find it also. Let there be a drop of rain, Bandit thinks the world is coming to an end. He is such a priss.

    Sniff, sniff, missssssst.......pug facial? Well then we have the best kept faces in the world. At least it is free and from love, or so we like to think.