Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stop Me From Casting On - PLEASE

I don' know what's wrong with me, but I can't stop casting on new projects. Let's take a bit of inventory shall we?

On the needles:
1. Featherweight Cardigan
2. Elsewhere Cardigan
3. Amelia Cardigan (anyone seeing a pattern here?????)
4. 2nd Circle Sock
5. First Spring Forward Sock
6. Ishbel Scarf/Shawl
7. Emma's Paris Shawl
8. 2nd Sock Hop sock
9. Lavalette Shawl
10. Milkweed Shawl

and these are just the ones that are out where I can see them. Who knows how many are tucked in the many knitting bags in closets and in the basement and in the dormer and . . . .

Hi, I am a knitaholic -- whatever. . .

Ooooooooooom the new Vogue Knitting arrived in the mail and now I want to cast on a couple of amazing hats and. . . .

Yep, a little ADD going on in the knitting realm here. I've been pretty good about stash diving to start all these projects, but you know, I really should try to finish some of these. Of course, the fact that I am built for comfort and not for speed means that the cardigans are of ginormous proportions and take FOREVER to even work a row. Yes I know if I knit in pieces it would not seem so daunting but then I would have to sew those pieces together and let's just say -- not going to happen. So I knit and purl and knit and purl and . . .you get the picture. Wait until I decide I need to knit some Christmas gifts. Hehehehe. Well, I won't get that cast on bug until December so I have a few month to play with my stash and cast on more stuff.

In my defense, I am totally a process knitter. I love the stitches, the patterns, the yarn, and watching everything come together and then I see another pattern, an interesting stitch, an amazing yarn and off I go to process knit some more. When (and if) I finish something, I am always disappointed because the knitting is done. So that is why I have lots of in progress projects. It is all about the process.

On the pugger front, they are all snoring away right now. Each has a bed/pillow or pile of toys to call their own and are curled up, snoozing and looking way too cute. So cute in fact, I must go kiss each and every one of them.

Happy Saturday everyone. Keep sending Walter healing thoughts. He came through his surgery with flying colors and is now on the long road to recovery. His mom could use some web hugs as well. She has been through so much during this time, so send them both some pug love if you get a chance.

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  1. hi k!
    oh what fun! i love that you have all of the projects started and that you love each one!

    your process is wonderful! it is absolutely true. it is the journey that is fun in life, not the destination.

    how inspiring! hug all the puggies for me!

    m & e