Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Knitting Goodies

Let's begin this with yarny goodness, shall we?Isn' that a lovely hank o'sock yarny goodness? I can't wait to wind it into a yarny cake and get it cast on. I am thinking I'll do Ysolda's little scarf in this yummy yarn since it is almost too beautiful to make into socks. We'll see. It will tell me what it wants to be when I wind it up. I'll keep you posted.
Also added a great book to the knitting library. Knitted gifts is fully of wonderful patterns and who knows, I might actually start my holiday knitting before December -- or maybe not. At least I'll have some great ideas.

This lovely little sockie is Spring Forward from Knitty in Malabrigo. It is such a fun pattern to knit and the yarn, oh the yarn, just a true pleasure. It has been keeping me well entertained and occupied. Got to love that in a project.

The shawl continues, but I admit I've been at it long enough that the honeymoon is over and I am getting a wee bit bored. No worries, I'll slog through. I'm almost done, I can't give up to my ADA now -- hehehehe.

It is a bit chilly and rainy here today -- my favorite kind of weather. The pugs are all around me snoring and life is good. Mom continues to improve and I am hopeful that next week will be a much better one. If not, well, I've had lots of practice getting through rough weeks, so no biggie.

Have a great Saturday, enjoy your fur babies and fondle your knitting.

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  1. hi k!
    what gorgeous yarn and projects!
    i just bought a yarn baller and it should be here next week. i cannot wait!
    what a fun post and your blog looks great! love the header photo!