Monday, May 26, 2008

Yarn Madness

Well, after a glorious day at the Great Lakes Fiber Show, my stash has been enhanced, my credit cards and bank accounts are smoking from the action and I am an exhausted and happy fiber addict.  First, I bought a hitchhiker spinning wheel and met a glorious spinner (Hi, Susan) who really took me under her wing while I made the decision to make the spinning leap.  Pictures will be forthcoming.  I got to meet ANNE HANSON and CHRIS  of Briar Rose Fibers --OMG!!!  Rock stars of knitting.  Of course I made an absolute ass out of myself gushing and drooling and having them sign my yarn bag -- yep, I did!  And you know what, I would do it all over again.  What a thrill to meet such talented and wonderful folks.  I love fiber people -- they are the nicest folks EVER!

There was lots of roving (and yes, I HAD to get roving -- I have a spinning wheel).  There  were sheep and alpacas and border collies and fiber folks and it was just the best day ever.  My buddies Madeline and Joyce were with me -- total enablers, trust me.  Honestly, if I didn't have to work on Sunday, I would have gone back to the festival.  It is better that I didn't.  Who knows where I would have found the funding for day 2.  hehehehe.

On the pug front, the boys are fascinated by the spinning wheel and so, of course, I have to place it out of sniff/chew reach when not in use.  That was one of the deciding factors on the hitchhiker -- small and easily portable.  The top of the TV is a good spot -- I get to gaze lovingly at the wheel and they can't get to it.  (Says a lot about my decorating style - no?)  The weather has been perfect for pugs -- not too hot, not too cold and they have been getting lots of attention on their walks.   Yesterday a woman saw us as she and her husband were driving by.  She made him pull over so she could jump out of the car and get some pug love.  The boys now expect everyone to shower them with hugs and kisses and are deeply offended when folks walk by without paying homage.  

For those of you worried about my school work -- I did get all my homework in on time, but it severely cut into my spinning time.  Today I must do a bit of housework -- yuck -- but I plan to spend some quality time with my new wheel.  I'll keep you posted.  Happy Monday!

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  1. hi k!
    oh how exciting! i cannot wait to see pictures! i am so glad you had such a great time!
    thank you for sharing! hug the puggies for me!
    m & e