Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weed Warrior

At the last minute, I requested the remainder of this week as vacation and thus, spent portions of today battling the weeds which have taken over my "flower beds."  When I first bought the blue cottage I had fantasies of a cottage garden with flowers everywhere and singing birds and just a small plot of green, flowery loveliness.  But then life smacked me in the head with certain realities:  1.  I am not 16; 2.  my body does not like to garden; 3. my knees really hate gardening; 4. bugs bite me when I garden -- I hate being bitten by bugs; 5. there are more weeds than there is time to whack them into oblivion or even momentary submission; 6.  no matter how much yanking, clipping, digging, stomping, swearing you do, there will always be weeds you missed -- big honking 10 foot weeds that you'd have to be blind to miss, but yet, you missed.  Sigh!

The day spent hunting the wild weed was not fulfilling.  Yes, I filled a yard bag with yard waste.  Yes, I lots of little itchy bites where little nasty itchy bite creating bugs bit me -- I am really bitter about that.  Yes, I have mud on the knees of my jeans, dirt under my nails and mangled cuticles.  No, I am not happy about any of those things.

To break this incredible funk, I tossed the gardening stuf back in the garage, stomped in the house and spent some quality time with Mad Madam Mim -- my spinning wheel.  Isn't she beautiful?  I love her.  She made me very happy.  

Then I started thinking -- aren't these guys way cuter than flowers?  And they produce fiber.  Trader Joes sells cut flowers pretty cheap.  I could plop some of those cut flowers in a vase and get my flower fix and then I could fill my yard with these!

Now that is a lot of cuteness in small packages and they produce FIBER -- yes, I know I already said that, but  . . . fiber - spinning wheel - knitting -  happy Kimberton.  See, it works.  The neighbors might be confused but I'll just claim they are "designer dogs" -- hehehehe.   This little fantasy should help me get through the next few days as I attempt to clean my house.  Housework is just indoor gardening.  Yuck!

On a happier note, I finished the Show your colors shawl.  It is blocking and should be adorning my shoulders just about the time the weather decides to hit 90 with 100% humidity.  My, I'm a snark tonight -- blame it on the weeds, I am. 

I'll put a photo up tomorrow night.  Right now Blogger doesn't want to upload my photos -- bugger.  Happy Wednesday!


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  1. hi k
    i am totally not a gardner either. :)
    i love your spinning wheel! tooooo
    :) m & e