Tuesday, May 13, 2008


First, something to make you smile.  On the pug front, my buddy Caryl and her 4 pugs came up from Stow and we attended the Pug Prom.  It was the best time EVER!!!!  I took Woody, who seemed to enjoy watching the youngsters rushing about.  Caryl made fabulous outfits for her posse.  Are they cute or what?????

Geez, a month since my last post.  What happened -- I forgot my password.  Yep, menopause has eaten my brain.  The ladies in the Sunday Social Knit have assured me that I will get it back some day, but I am not confident.  Sorry for the delay, yes, I have written it down in a place that I can find -- not safe, but findable by the mentally infirm.  Meh!

What have I been doing?  Knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping and. . .you get the picture.  My knitting mo jo is apparently suffering from hot flashes and memory lapses as well.  I start something and decide I don't like the yarn, the pattern, the stitch definition and out it goes.  I have started 4 socks, 3 wraps and 2 sweaters.  I currently have on my needles - one toe up sock, one shawl -- hate them both, but have decided to finish them to see if this will appease the mo jo gods and therefore release my knitting mo jo for fun and frolic in the land of fiber.

Work has been quiet yet busy.  Spring has finally hit Ohio.  The pugs and I are watching a robin's nest in the front yard.  Three babies are there and they look healthy, robust and full of spit fire.  We are enjoying watching them grow -- so fast though -- and helping the parents keep the starlings and crows away.  Ho-Tei takes this quite seriously.  He cocks his head so sweet when the robins chirp at him.  Perhaps I'll find my brain long enough to take the camera so I can get photos -- what a concept.

Mom took a bad fall over the weekend.  Broke some ribs, banged up her knee and generally knocked what little sense she had left right out of her.  I've had to be around to help her get in and out of bed, to the bathroom, etc.  Trust me, there is a reason I am not a nurse.  It will take time for her to heal, but I am hopeful that she will be more mobile soon.  

Classes start next week.  Yep, 50 year old college student, working two jobs, taking care of her mother, five dogs, 4 cats.  Who wonders why I'm single?????  Hehehehe.  No matter what, I need to get my knitting mo jo back since it is one of the few things that helps keep me centered.  Any suggestions are welcome.  I want to love my knitting again.  Sigh!

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  1. hi k!
    oh i missed you! what classes are you taking?
    i am sorry about your mom's fall. i hope she is feeling much better!
    what about making a cute knitted pug doll? that would be fun!
    :) m