Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday at Last

Still no pics -- too lazy to find the camera.  Sorry!  Great arrivals in the mail today -- more sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe -- I LOVE THE LOOPY!!!  A fabulous bag from  It is a fabulous bag.  Perhaps even the bag of my dreams!!!!!!  Could I be a little obsessed with the exclamation points this evening????  Why, yes, it does seem to be out of control.  My apologies.  But this bag is to die for!!!  Trust me, it rocks.  It is the Santa Bag.  I love it.  Long strap, plenty of pockets  -- it is everything I hoped for and more.  Go, buy, you'll be happy you did.

On the knitting front, still working on the toe up sock. It is looking good and will make a photo debut soon.

The pugs are busy watching the hood -- no one is allowed to walk near the blue cottage.  Dirty job but someone has to do it.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Westside Market.  Photos may be taken.  We'll see.  Happy Friday All!

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