Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Bad

Oh my, I have fallen under the seductive spell of yarny goodness once again.  Really, I was just sitting here reading  my favorite blogs when I fell off the yarn diet wagon -- again!  Knitspot is the home of the most amazingly beautiful lace patterns ever created.  In addition, the designer, Anne Hanson, writes patterns that are clean and fun and fabulous.  So there I was, drooling over her new May patterns and the yarn she used and BAM -- I was at this site -- Woolen Rabbit -- clicking away, tossing lace weight yarn into my cart with wild abandon and CHECKING OUT!!!  Sigh!  See, I like to fantasy shop online so I go to sites and shop as if I were a bazillionaire but I don't check out.  It amuses me, fulfills the need to add to the stash, without actually adding to the stash and the crushing credit card debt.  But every once in awhile -- okay, more often than not -- I hit the checkout button.  Now, if the merchant does not use Paypal, I am able to back out since I'm pretty lazy and don't want to go find the credit card.  BUT, if Paypal is an option, wham/bam/it is a sealed deal, madam!  Of course, I then had to go back to Knitspot and purchase the May patterns since I now had all this lace yarn on the way.

Now, the really sad part of this is that classes start on Monday and I am teaching sock knitting classes over the summer in addition to my Monday-Friday job (which pays for the yarn addiction) and I'm not sure exactly when I am going to have time to knit all this lace.  But at least I have it at the ready. 

I am still working on the toe up socks using the Glacier Lake pattern.  It is a great pattern and the sock is looking good.  A truly enjoyable knit and a pattern that I can do while riding the train to and from work.  My kinda happy sock pattern.

I am also still working on the Spunky Eclectic Show Your Colors Shawl.  I am doing it in Claudia Handpaints John B colorway that I bought at River Colors, but I think I am going to end up using 4 skeins instead of 3.  No worries, I took the precaution of buying 4.  Yes, this knitter has run out of yarn before running out pattern -- I just hate when that happens.

The pugs are pacing so it is potty break time.  Won't they be surprised to find out it is raining -- they hate rain.  Best go before I have "accidents" to clean up.  Have a great Saturday and happy knitting and hope you all get lots of pug kisses.


  1. yay k! new yarn!
    it is always fun to have something waiting for you, and something to look forward to!
    hug the puggies for me!
    happy sunday!

  2. Have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend!
    :) Melissa and Emmitt