Saturday, March 1, 2008

Yes, I have a yarn problem. . . .

The fact that I have a part-time job working in my local yarn shop usually brings fits of giggles from those who know of my yarn addiction/knitting obsession.  While muggles may find this a perfect fit -- I like to knit, therefore I can sell yarn, the problem lies in the yarn fumes.  Within minutes of my arrival at work, I am completely and absolutely high on the yarn fumes and begin lusting for yarns -- Noro and Koigu come to mind.  So, there I was, putting away some Encore (nice yarn, but I am able to maintain my willpower in its presence) when over on the table some Noro wiggled its yarny self at me and hollered "hello knitter."  Oh my.  I tried, I really tried to be strong, to avoid its siren song and lovely hand, but to no avail.  Allow me to introduce you to my new friend, Noro Kochoran #44.  Yes, ahem, the entire bag.  The picture does not do it justice.  It is soooooo lovely and soft and I'm enchanted by its very being.   It might want to be a sweater or perhaps a lovely wrap.  Right now it is just going to sit on my desk and flirt with me.    Don't look at me that way -- you know you have yarn pets too. 
In more knitting news, currently on my needles is the Knitting Pure and Simple pullover.  It is obvious that I need brainless knitting these days.  Perhaps when the snow melts and the sun once again graces my life I will feel up to lace and charts and cables, but until then I am sticking with circular knitting.  It makes me happy and I am all about being happy. 

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