Sunday, March 23, 2008

Slow Sundays

Woody is giving you a great example of how he believes Sundays should be spent.  He is also showing off his new Spring shirt that highlights his broad manly chest and his slim hips.  Hard to believe that handsome man is going to be 12 next month.  Since it is Easter Sunday, the yarn shop was closed and I got to spend the day with the fur babies, the knitting, the coffee I so dearly love and the bazillion dust bunnies that have taken over my house.  
Now one would think, hey, day off, perfect for dusting, vacuuming, laundry, floor mopping.  As if!  Come on!  It is a free day, the sun is shining, it is cold but not brutal -- this is a day that has knitting written all over it.  Just ask the pugs.  When I awoke at 5 a.m. this morning (because apparently I am insane), they just kept snoring.  It is really sad when you have to wake dogs up to go for a potty break.  They reluctantly joined me for 
a jaunt outside, but felt no desire to meander through the darkened streets.  Nope, do the business and get back to bed -- that was their motto.  I figured I would start on the house (again, apparently I am insane) and skipped down the basement stairs (again, as if) to toss some laundry in while the coffee brewed.  All was fine until I sat down to sip that cuppa joe and then the knitting woke up and wiggled its yarny goodness at me, purring, that it so wanted to be a finished sock.  I have no willpower against yarny goodness -- none.  You will note that next to the reclining pug is a giant pug cup of coffee, a remote control and sock in progress.  So we can all figure out that I sat with the pugs and drank coffee and knitted that cashmere/merino blend into a sock of such softness, such allure, such yumminess.  Sigh!  The dust bunnies are still here, although I did get a couple loads of laundry done and it is garbage night so I'll drag that out to the curb soon -- as soon as I finish a couple more rows.  
Naturally, I did not sit all day and knit, I took the fur babies out for 2 walks around the block to sniff the snow and leave lots of pee-mail for their buds in the hood.  The boyz even had a peeing contest:  Ho-Tei pees on a spot, then Myoki pees on the same spot, then Woody pees in the same spot, then Ho-Tei pees on the same spot. . . .this will continue until I drag them away.  The funny thing is they wait while each one takes a turn.  Then when I walk the girls aka the honorary pugs, they sniff the spot and look at me like "man, those boyz are nasty, Mom."   Great, a day spent drinking coffee and knitting results in a post consisting of dog pee -- yeah, I do live on the edge.
I will leave you with this parting shot of almost the entire dog family -- Woody left as I was snapping the photo.  He, obviously, prefers not to share the spotlight.  Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Snuffles and snorts to you all.


  1. Hi!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful day! We have another thing in common... I get up at 5 am everyday too and I love coffee! The morning is my favorite time of the day.
    :) Melissa

  2. Hi!
    Just popping by to wish you all a great weeeknd!
    :) Melissa

  3. Hi!
    It is me again saying hello! Thank you for the nice comment today. I love hearing from you!
    :) Melissa