Saturday, March 22, 2008

I like snow, but. . . .

Woke up to another 8 inches of the white stuff this morning.  While I do like snow and winter (the better for knitting and wearing sweaters), when Spring arrives on the calendar, it would seem that Mother Nature would get the hint.   Apparently not.  The pugs were appalled at the reappearance of the cold, white stuff and refused to go outside.  Since this was the morning potty break, I got to stand ankle deep in the stuff and explain to the 3 little buggers that momma didn't want to clean up pee and poop this morning in the house.  I gave my best argument for the artistic excitement of creating yellow snow.  Can snow cause deafness in pug?  I think I can prove it does.

On the needles is the Montego Bay scarf (Interweave, Spring 2007) in a yummy cotton Noro (Sakora?) yarn that is green and pink and amazing.  The scarf is for the shop.  I've already made one in Hand Maiden Camel Spun and folks just go wild for it.  Go figure -- it is an easy pattern and a fairly quick knit.  The clapotis for the shop is still on my needles.  I'm doing that one in HandMaiden Sea Silk and it is gorgeous, if I may say so myself.  I should be knitting baby things for our clerk's baby that is due April 25, but I'd rather do socks and lace.  

My plain jane sock out of the amazing Sock Pixie cashmerino is still on the needles, which is a damn shame.  That is going to be one amazingly soft and beautiful pair of socks if I can ever get my ass in gear to finish.  In my defense, I have not been riding the rails to work this week, which severely cuts into my knitting time.

On pug news, Woody, the oldster, has decided that it is only possible for him to sleep if he is resting his chin on my face.  Yes, my face.  It is sooo sweet and yet also a tad uncomfortable, since in the best pug fashion, he does not allow me to move once he is comfortable.  So there I am trapped with his chin on my face while he loudly snores, usually in my ear.  Still, it is cute.  Ho-Tei and Myoki prefer to be under the covers in this cold weather, but of course, under the covers and on top of the momma.  No wonder my bones creak when I get up.  I end up sleeping in the oddest positions so as not to disturb the fur babies.   And, no, I would not dream of disturbing them.  Let's face it, I exist solely for their pleasure and to knit, the rest is just life's annoyances.

Happy Saturday.  Hope your knitting is to gauge, your coffee is hot and strong and you are surrounded by fabulous yarn and furry love babies.

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  1. Hi!
    It looks like we have lots in common. I love pugs and yarn too! It is nice to meet you!
    :) Melissa and Emmitt