Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, took a few days off work and am babysitting Berkeley.  How cute is he?  Bodhi and Berkeley are having so much fun being youngsters together.  The rest of the posse is napping -- exhausted from witnessing the puppy antics.

Knitting-wise I've been working on a couple of basic shawls and 2 pair of toe-up socks.  So far I have been able to resist the urge to cast on a sweater, but honestly, I'm not sure how much longer I can resist.  A warm, comfy cardigan to get me through the winter/spring transition -- yum!

Tomorrow is my last day at the yarn shop.  I am sad and excited -- I'll miss the folks and being surrounded by all that yarny goodness, but I am thrilled that I can have lazy weekends, gardening, hanging with the dogs, knitting, visiting the farmers' markets this year.  So many things I missed since I was working so much.  Yes, I did learn that time to relax is very, very important.  To make up for the lost cash flow, I have cancelled my Netflix account and am making myself knit from my stash.  No new yarn acquisitions until the Great Lakes Fiber Festival this Spring.  I should be able to do it if I am very stern with myself.

Well, the pups need a romp outside and I need to go see Mom for a visit.  Happy Friday all.

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