Monday, February 16, 2009


Well, Saturday brought a lovely day off, some snow and the adorable Bodhi Boing Boing Butt!  Hard to believe that folks just kept giving up on this adorable little boy.  Lucky for me his original owner still couldn't keep him so now he is mine all mine and he is in his new forever home.  Dr. Scott was able to get him in on Saturday for a complete checkup and snippage.  Bodhi came home Saturday night, snuggled in my arms and has not let me out of his sight yet.  The other dogs have accepted him as if he was always part of the pack.  It is all good.

In knitting news, I whipped up another cowl.  This one out of Blue Moon Fiber Arts bulky in the raven series.  It is a cabled cowl that makes me very happy and keeps me nice and warm.

Other than knitting, dishes and loving the dogs, I've spent way too much time watching movies and napping.  I like it!

Madeline's BIL came over to look at my garage roof.  He is going to call me with an estimate.  Isn't that just like life -- quite my part time job, house needs a repair.  Sigh!

Well, loves, I'm off to see the Momma and introduce her to Bodhi.  Have a great day!

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  1. hi k!
    congratulations! i did not know you added a new lucky puggy to your pack!
    he is so lucky to have you!
    m & e