Saturday, February 14, 2009

Another Day Another Pug

First, I would like to share with you Knit for Joy's Valentine Greeting.  It says it all and it says it right.  

So let's get caught up shall we.  First, there is a very good possibility that I will be adopting yet another pug today.  Shut Up and Stop Counting My Dogs!  I have no will power when it comes to dogs, yarn (esp. Malabrigo --- purrrrrrrrrrrrr), books and handbags.  

Although on an up note, my handbag fetish seems to be diminishing and those who are interested should take note:  Ebay will soon be hosting several lovely bags from my ginormous collection.  

Knitters can look for Jordana Paige Rio in Red and Satchel in Olive Green; Namaste Laguana in Turquoise; Amy Butler Hampton in Green; Lexie Barnes Messenger in Green/Coral floral and a small Green Mountain knitting bag with both wooden handles and straps to carry the sweet thing over your arm.  

Also going on the block  some black Coach bags: 2 Large Backpacks, a black tote with turn locks on the sides and a blue satchel.  Wait there is still more (yes, I am hanging my head in shame, shame I tell you):  Prada:  Large and Small Messenger bags (1 each in black); Tano bags: 1 in raspberry and 2 in brown and 2 American West bags:  one large tote and one small.  

There will be more as I dig through my collection.  I haven't posted any of these on Ebay yet, so  should anyone have a burning desire for more info or acquisition, leave a comment with an email and I'll get back to you.  I haven't priced any of these so make an offer, it could be your bag.  WARNING:  This is a smoke-free home that is extremely dog and cat friendly.  All efforts to remove any fur will be made, but those who live in fur homes know, it is virtually impossible to promise no fur will follow.  Just sayin. . . .   Oh, and yes, I realize that this is an embarrassingly large amount of bags, but to my credit, I am culling the herd.

There has been knitting -- really!  I finished a fan and feather cowl in Malabrigo (purrrrrrr) chunky, 3 Noro striped scarves, a hat, and mittens.  On my needles at the moment are 2 shawls, one pair of toe up socks and Shannon Okey's Rivulet in Malabrigo (purrrrrrrr).    I have several projects, mostly sweaters, lined up in the queue.

Hum, my cat, Kali, has just ripped the flesh from my knuckles since apparently she despises my typing while she is trying to cuddle.  Best go clean off the blood and assess the damage.  Old, grumpy cats with claws -- not always a good time. 

Happy Heart Day.

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