Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yeah for Saturdays

There is ice on the ground and the holidays are right around the corner.  Being a stable, reasonable human, I decided last night that I really need to knit up 2 hats and 4 pair of fingerless mitts to give as gifts.  Factoring in working all weekend and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I believe in order to pull this off:

1.  The yarn must be super bulky and the needles huge.
2.  I'm going to need lots and lots of coffee.
3.  Sleep is not an option.
4.  It would be helpful if the pugs had thumbs and could knit.

Any wagers on my successfully pulling off this last minute knitting?  (Hint:  knowing me as I do, don't bet on the successful completion).  Heh.  

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I have a holiday party tonight and a knitting get together on Monday.  Well, the knit together will help with the completion, but the holiday party -- not so much.

Yeah, I do this every year.  I also wait until November to start holiday knitting.  Why?  I don't know.  Just happens that way.  Sort of my personal holiday tradition.  Traditions are important.

Speaking of traditions:

Every year I go to the Crown Classic Dog Show at the IX Center.  In fact, that is where I met the lovely Mimi and her mom Caryl.  This year was fabulous as always.  Above is Mimi and her uncle Kaze showing their stylish side.  Both dogs competed in agility again this year and did extremely well, but their true talent is making people smile.  The minute they appeared in their festive holiday wear, a huge crowd enveloped them and every one in the crowd had a huge grin on their faces.  Now that's talent.

Well, off to fiber nirvana.  Happy knitting and have a warm and loving day.


  1. Happy knitting!
    Emmitt and I know you can do it and have fun on the way!
    Happy Holidays!
    m & e

  2. what is it that Barack always says, "Yes we Can!" I think he was referring to last minute holiday knitting.

    If it makes you feel better, I'm wrapping up some sock yarn and a pattern for tonight's gift exchange. Not b/c I failed to finish, rather because such an intimate item is better if knit to suit