Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Thursday

It has come to my attention, ahem, that I have neglected the photo portion of this blog. The pugs are quite annoyed that they have not had their cute little puggy mugs adorning the last few blog entries. In order to bring peace and calm to the blue cottage, I present you with the daily requirement of puggy cuteness.

This is their couch, although I am permitted to sit on it so that they may sprawl atop me and snore.  Myoki likes to perch on the couch back and gaze out the window showing the folks in the living room his amazingly adorable pug butt.  Honestly.  I'm sure you can imagine the pug snot on my windows!  Sigh.  Oh well, clear views are highly over-rated.

This hot weather has been pretty hard on the pups, particularly Woody.  We've had to schedule our walks in the early morning and late evening and keep them short.  It has not been that much fun.  Next week the gang goes to Dr. Scott for the annual checkups.  We love Dr. Scott and his staff and they are all looking forward to the doting, kissing and hugging they get from the doc and his staff.  

Hi, Everyone, Ho-Tei here.  Mommy stepped away from the puter and I decided I wanted to type.  Hehehehe.  Saturday is grooming day for us so expect some lovely photos of clean, sweet smelling puggies.  I hate grooming day, especially the nail clipping part.  I scream and scream, but it doesn't matter.  Still they get clipped.  It is wrong to torture a pug that way.  Does your mommy do that to you?  I bet she doesn't.  Our buddies Susie, Grace, Kaze and Mimi are coming for a sleep over.  7 pugs in one small cottage.  Utter Chaos and Absolute Fun.  Can't wait.  Mommy will take pictures of all the cuteness -- especially me, cuz I am sooooo cute.  She tells me that all the time.  She tells the other guys that too, but I know she is just being nice and I am the bestest  cutest pug ever.  Oh oh, here she comes, gotta go.

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  1. hi puggies and k!
    7 puggies at the blue cottage! oh how wonderful. i cannot wait to see pictures and hear stories!
    melissa and emmitt