Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Holidays are for Knitting

There is nothing like a Monday holiday -- you get to walk the dogs in your pjs, knit all day and watch all the Netflix movies that have been gathering on top of the TV.  Yeah, sure, I could/should do housework, but face it, housework is for people who don't knit.  I took a vote (democracy is alive and well, at least in our little corner of the universe) and the pugs voted unanimously for a day spent on the couch with me knitting and them sprawled all over me snoring.   Hey, majority rules baby.  

On the knitting front, socks out of a lovely Lucy Neatby yarn that is wild and crazy and my feet are just dancing to wear.  I finished the chunky neckdown sweater -- I hate it.  Yes, "fluffy" women should never try to wear garment made out of bulky yarn, but I fell victim to the allure of the weekend knitting and the "you get to wear the sweater on Monday" siren song.  I used Rowan Fusion and while the yarn is beautiful, the pilling is pissing me off.  Fortunately, I didn't pay full price for the yarn or I would be pitching a hissy of epic proportions.  (Note, the pugs find this behavior amusing, but it does cut into their napping so they prefer I keep it short and sweet.)

I am also working on yet another Clapotis.  This one in Hand Maiden's Sea Silk.  Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist are either Yarn Goddesses or Demons From the Bowels of Hell sent to tempt me with their yarny goodness.  Either way, I am their slave forever.  

The snoring of the pugs is calling me back to my spot on the couch.  Remote, knitting and cuppa joe all within reach.  I gotta go, slugdom awaits.

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