Friday, October 31, 2008


WOW, I've been off blog for a long time. Let's get caught up -- there has been knitting, visits by Caryl and her adorable pugs, joyous welcoming of the cooler weather and more knitting, contemplation of housecleaning -- but decided to play with the dogs instead and oh, yeah, knitting. The dogs are all fine, fat and sassy. Well, not so fat -- they are trying to lose a bit of bulge, but still sassy and happy. Ho-Tei has a bit of an elbow problem, but seems to be on the road to recovery. Everyone else is great and enjoying the cooler weather. Nothing like a grand game of chasing each other through the leaves to make a dog's heart sing.

I've been working on a reader's wrap fro my mom. It is almost finished, but I have to sew on the pockets. I hate sewing. It will be a bit before the wrap is finished, I'm afraid. Socks, mittens and scarves have also come off the needles. There are a couple of sweaters in progress but they are marinating -- stockinette hell.

Work has been busy. . .Boring, I am so boring. Probably why I haven't blogged. Well, I'll try to have an adventure or two soon to bring more entertainment to blogville. Until then, Happy Halloween!

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