Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Meanderings

Let's begin today's post with a picture of my backyard.  I love this tree.  This tree is the reason I bought the house.  For those of you with eagle eyes, yes, there are lots of weeds along the fence and under the tree.  No, I am not in any hurry to go out in the blistering heat to pull them.  They'll wait.  They'll grow larger.  They'll still be there.

Meet Zoe.  Yes, she is fat.  No, she doesn't seem to mind.  Zoe is really Poppy's cat.  Poppy found her when we were out walking one day and made me bring her home.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Anyway, Zoe thinks she is a dog, has a delightful sense of humor and let's face it, a tummy that you just want to tickle.  She likes to sprawl around like this and so I felt it was only fitting that it be the pose we used to introduce her on the blog.

Meet my spider wort.  Isn't strange and wild?  I planted one little shoot several years ago and now it is taking over the front flower bed.  Having regaled you with my distaste for gardening in a previous post, it is obvious the plant will have free reign and do as it pleases.  As long as it smothers the weeds, it is okay with me.
Notice anything missing from this post?  Yep, no knitting.  On the needles I have 3 socks, 2 sweaters, 1 wrap, 1 cardigan -- I want to cast something new on the needles.  Obviously I have a bad case of startitis.  And I still haven't played with my new spinning wheel. Meh!

Well, I've blathered on a bit about nothing.  Have a great evening all.  Perhaps tomorrow will bring some exciting blog material.


  1. HI K!
    Great post! I love seeing your favorite things and your projects sound like such fun! I will be thinking of you while I am at the wool market on Sunday! I will take pictures.

  2. hi k!

    the wool market was a blast! i will post all about it on wed. with pictures. there was wool, roving and yarn everywhere! our dream come true!
    i hope you and the puggies had a great weekend!
    :) melissa