Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yipppeee it is Thursday!

Wow, all this hot weather is not only messing with my season mojo, but apparently it has messed with my ability to know what day of the week I'm in. All day at work yesterday I thought it was Tuesday.

Yes, I am very happy to know that I am actually one day closer to the weekend than I thought, but wow, I lost a day somewhere. Sure hope I enjoyed that day - wherever it went.

Knitting with the world's most miserable yarn continues. The cardigan is looking good and I think I will like it despite the fact that I have developed such a dislike for the yarn. I can't believe how much this wool sheds - little fibery dust everywhere. Since I am not a domestic goddess, this new layer of dust is adding to my angst.

In all fairness, I probably really hate this yarn because I've spent way too much time knitting with Malabrigo and after you've used the dreamy, yummy, incredibly soft and wonderful Malabrigo, well, you just can't feel the love for anything else. And, yes, Malabrigo is that awesome. Go fondle some -- you'll never be the same.

On the pug front -- they are fat and sassy and wonderful. Right now they have gone out for their morning constitutional, eaten breakfast, and are happily snoring away on their dog beds around me as I type. I hate leaving this peaceful snoring kingdom to go to work, but eating and living indoors factors greatly in their happiness so I must go earn those green papers.

Have a fabulous Thursday all. Kiss your fur babies for me and enjoy the day.

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  1. Hi Guys!

    Penny and I hope you had a great weekend and
    kept cool inside!

    -Dana & Penny